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  • I have been coming along to these type of conferences for over 15 years, this session is by far the BEST session that I have ever attended. Manager Commonwealth Bank
  • With out a doubt the BEST speaker we have ever heard and one of the most inspirational hours of our lives. Pymble Ladies College
  • You speech was thoroughly inspiring and crafted with just the right amount of humour, drama and showmanship. Once again, thanks for your magnificent effort in closing the Convention. President – The International Federation for Professional Speakers
  • Sam is a very engaging speaker and his message of “bouncing forward” resonated with our team. He’s a living example of how important it is to stay positive, to be resilient and to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come. BP President
  • You are the most extraordinary person that I've ever met. Your courage and will to overcome adversity is commendable. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing talent. You are changing the world one person at a time. You've changed us. Google
  • Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by Sam's message of optimism in both business and in life. CEO Citibank
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Sam's Blog

The 3 Irrefutable Laws That Every Successful Global Thought Leader Knows – Finally Revealed

Every successful international speaker/info-preneur/online marketer has learnt 3 things that has set them apart from the rest of the noise within the self-help thought leadership market. These 3 irrefutable laws have surfaced time and time again when successful speakers and thought leaders are interviewed. These may have been communicated in other ways in the past, […]

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These Are The 2 Major Reasons Why We Need To Know Our Value (And The 3 Ways How To Do It)

With such a flooded expert industry, it is more important today to know how to get your message out and be heard. The experts that are making ground in today’s market have mastered their value and communicate it powerfully. There are two reasons why we MUST know where our value is and what we offer […]

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Free speaking engagements – You’ll be blown away at what the four secrets are that professionals do!

  As a professional speaker I am regularly asked to do free speaking engagements. The answer is always maybe. Firstly, let me say that it is hard to get through to me and commit me to doing anything for free. Charities, non-for-profits , association groups, BNI meetings, Rotary Clubs and the list goes on, can […]

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6 MASTERFUL WAYS TO BECOME OUTSTANDING THROUGH TRANSITION – This proven formula is awesome for rapid results.

  Everyone goes through transition and it’s this transition that proves our resilience, intrinsic motivation and formulates why we exist. Research tells us that when we are in transition many focus on WHAT we need to do and HOW we need to achieve it. We tend to focus our attention firstly to the process, system […]

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5 Reason Why You Are Fat And Lazy

Let me start by saying that I don’ like the title of this blog and I do not like the words ‘fat’ or ‘lazy’, through there was a strategy for the title and I’ll explain this at the end. Having worked with teams and individuals around the world in recent years I’ve discovered many patterns […]

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