111 Tips to help you Bounce Forward

This beautifully illustrated full-colour table book is the perfect gift or resource to have next to your bedside, office desk or coffee table.

Sam Cawthorn is a globally recognized expert in the field of resilience and inspirational motivation. He writes and demonstrates the tools, strategies and psychology NEEDED to Bounce Forward from any adversity big or small. Through years of research, personal triumph and practical tips passed through generations, Sam shares his insights and tips to create the life you could only dream of.

Illustrated with an emu throughout (An emu can not go backwards, only forwards), this demonstrates that we CAN NOT look back but only look forwards.

Each tip comes with a challenge which empowers the reader to TAKE ACTION NOW, and not procrastinate and wait. You will be inspired and empowered, and with diligent reading and focussed attention, you will build momentum to smash any worry or concern about not being good enough.

***Profits for the book go directly to Sam’s Charity, supporting kids living with a disability in developing worlds get an education***