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Radio Interviews with Sam

Overcoming Adversity

Sam shares his amazing story of overcoming adversity after a serious accident on Hope 103.2 radio.

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ABC Brisbane

Sam talks to ABC’s Richard Fidler about his life experiences, from his origins as a farm boy to motivational speaker.

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Press Articles

Sam puts Prime Minister Kevin Rudd into therapy!

Sam stunned Kevin Rudd by detaching his prosthetic arm, leaving it dangling from the Prime Minster as the two shook hands.

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Sam’s Disarming Performance

After accepting a dare from his young daughter, Sam decided to play a practical joke on Australia’s unsuspecting Prime Minister.

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Before the accident, Sam was VERY active

Hip hop course teacher Sam Cawthorn, has been dancing since he was a “little kid” and has been professionally taught in hip hop and freestyling.

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Sam in the Examiner’s Fifty faces of 2007

Some of these faces were smiling, others had to overcome tragedy or fought personal or political battles, but all 50 told a story.

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Sam’s ‘Miracle Survival’

Sam Cawthorn describes his survival and subsequent recovery from a car accident a miracle, “You just look at the car and it’s amazing that I survived”

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Alive and planning for a miracle future

There’s no doubt about the horrific nature of Sam Cawthorn’s injuries, but he reckons he should be jogging again in two months.

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Summit to Empower Youth

Arise Summit organiser Sam Cawthorn said the day was a not-for-profit event for teaching financial success to people aged 19-29 years.

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Entrepreneurs share their secrets

Arise Summit organiser Sam Cawthorn said the day was a not-for-profit event for teaching young people financial success.

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