Gratitude in both profit & loss

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Life consists of moments of profit and loss. Whether it’s in our balance sheets, our families or in every day life, profit and loss situations happen every day.

This week I had a major health scare. It started with intense pain throughout my body and bad sweats. After seeing the doctor twice, and several blood & urine tests, I’ve been asked to go to the hospital for further examinations. #HealthLoss

I bought a new car this week for my wife, Kate. She is happy with it as we needed another car as she has been driving mine around since we moved to Sydney, and it’s also cheaper to run and better for the environment. #TransportProfit

Recently I found out that I missed out on a huge contract that I had been working on for a few months. It was something that I had put a fair bit of effort into and I thought that it was going to happen, but surprisingly it did not. #BusinessLoss

Following a recent speaking engagement I did for a speaker bureau, we had another 4 engagements within a week that we sent back to the bureau. The bureau loved it, the client was happy and I was so glad that people got so much value from it. #OpportunityProfit

The four above examples highlight that we have many profit and loss areas in our lives and, no matter what the area, we can Bounce Forward. Yet, there is a rule that applies both in profit and loss situations and that is ‘Gratefulness’.

Shaun Achor, a Dr of Positive Psychology at Harvard says that grateful people are healthier, live longer, more productive and have less stress. Grateful people eliminate many insecurities, fears and worries, they are also less likely to take sick days, complain or even quit.

Gratitude is not an attitude, it’s a discipline. It is not genetic. Some people are not born to be more optimistic than others and it’s a learned discipline, like a muscle.

No matter what profits & losses we may have, there are so many things to be grateful for to Bounce Forward.

At the end of each day, while your head is on your pillow, think about 3 things that you might be grateful for…

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